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Get to twerk

So now that everyone — gay, straight, black, white, old, young — knows what twerking is thanks to Miley Cyrus, I just have one question:

Is twerking supposed to be hot?

This guy is cute, but seeing his butt shake like this is kind of gross:


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Hot Mess


From collegejocksux

Seriously,  you couldn’t pick the bags up before taking this?

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While surfing the web, I think we all come across something that just seems so ridiculous and weird that we wonder if it can be real. Aside from the hot mess that is Florida, I find myself questioning the unusual fashion items that exist, particularly those targeted toward gay men. And that brings me to the C String/JString.

Really? Is this something a real person (someone other than a model wearing it for a photo shoot) would wear? And how does it stay on?



Oh. It’s like a thong. But weird.

But really, is that comfortable? It looks like you’d have to keep your cheeks squeezed together all day to keep it on (in). This guy doesn’t seem to be having an issue, but he said he’s unsure about how they’d work under jeans or pants.

So really, do real people wear these?

Lick it

I am obsessed with this song/video.

Also, there’s something Myra Breckenridge-ish about the intro.

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So I originally started this blog (about a year ago, jeez) to keep myself occupied while looking for a job. Well, shortly after I started it, I found one. It was a perfectly OK job doing some editing work; however, the hours were terrible. If you think you can work from 7:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. for seven days in a row, well, more power to you, but you probably can’t. It was very emotionally and physically draining and did not leave a lot of time to spend with my partner, our dogs or our families.

But I don’t have that job anymore. It was a contractor position and the project ended after about four months.

And then I got a real job in journalism again.

But you know what? I think I’m over journalism. At least broad, general interest journalism. Now I’m looking for something else, but I just don’t know what I want to do.  So I’ll just start dabbling with blogging again while searching for new opportunities. But at least this time I’m still employed.